Four Reasons I Choose a Plant-Based Diet

Four Reasons I Choose a Plant-Based Diet

Organic Farmers Market 3First of all I am not a vegan; I do not wish to be defined by a word. I choose to eat a vegan or plant-based diet on most occasions, and I am having a rollicking time discovering new culinary delights. I still stock a good cave-aged gruyere for my friends, my shoes remain leather bound and my animals dine on organic chicken dinners. Why then would I make such a drastic switch after years of juicy…

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What to Do at Expo East? Eat Party Learn! part 2

What to Do at Expo East? Eat Party Learn! part 2

Eat Party Learn Expo EastThis is the second installment leading up to Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland that I will be highlighting the many ways your experience at Expo East can be enhanced by the myriad of events and happenings. If you are coming to the show to buy or sell, there is something additional and essential for you to partake in! (more…)

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What to Do at Expo East? Eat Party Learn!

What to Do at Expo East? Eat Party Learn!

Eat Party Learn Expo EastTwice each year the organic and natural brands come together to show off their newest tastes, smells, textiles and health supplements. Be it the latest organic corn chip or exotic elixirs, ointments and unguents, you can try it all here at the show!  When I first attended Expo West back in the 1980’s, it was a simpler show with much less buzz. Now we have two humungous shows, East and West, to…

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Fall cometh and “Organic-Palooza” will herald the celebration!

Fall cometh and “Organic-Palooza” will herald the celebration!

The Future of foodI feel the hint of fall coming with that nip and hint in the air, the angle of the sun burnishes into orange. The leaves aren’t quite turning and the garden is still booming prodigiously. So, it seems natural to celebrate the end of summer’s fertility and the organic products produced from this northern-faced exposure to the sun we call summer.

September is traditionally “Organic Month,” and I…

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Agricultural Workers on the Front Lines of California’s Drought

Agricultural Workers on the Front Lines of California’s Drought

Farmers in DroughtCalifornia is enduring its third consecutive year of drought and the impacts to agriculture and its economy are profound. The limited ground water and dry wells are impacting everything from the price of organic almonds to the connoisseur’s grass fed beef. In my previous blog entitled California, the House of the Rising Sun,  I highlight the effects the drought is having on farmers and ranchers,…

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What’s News at summer’s End? GMOs

What’s News at summer’s End? GMOs

From sea to sea and the over the Rockies, the news is abuzz with GMO activity. Biotech companies are on the run spending millions. They are planning their next campaign to try to stifle the intensely passionate Right to Know GMO movement. Despite their deep pockets, the reports in the media show there is positive momentum growing around the country. It’s not…

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Veterans in Agriculture: Why Their Healing is So Crucial for Our Future.

Veterans in Agriculture: Why Their Healing is So Crucial for Our Future.


Matt McCue

A veteran returns home war weary, sometimes shattered and frayed. Protecting our interests in foreign lands requires focus and tenacity with a different set of rules.  Re-entering civilian life can be difficult because the same rules just don’t apply. A great shift must be facilitated in order to bring the veteran to a place of peace and a meaningful return to life without combat. So…

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Summertime and the Living is Easy…. It’s Gazpacho Time!

Summertime and the Living is Easy…. It’s Gazpacho Time!

Organic Gazpacho1Summertime…the cucumbers are growing and ripe tomatoes are high.

Your kitchen’s hot and your Cuisinart is hungry,

so hush ‘what’s for dinner?’.

Gazpacho―it’s your summer ally!

I am lucky to live just around the corner from an amazing organic farm in the Soquel Hills that cultivates an auspicious variety of summer fruits and vegetables. The farm is nestled in the rich, loamy valley of the Soquel…

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Ruminations on Seeds and Weeds…

Ruminations on Seeds and Weeds…

Indigenous SeedsDown on the farm there is simultaneously an explosion of weeds and a retraction of seeds, a waxing and a waning, the yin and yang of Big Ag. These concurrent phenomena are (not coincidentally) caused by the same companies who are striving to control and harness agriculture. They hope to force every last bushel of productivity out of every single acre, achieving yields well beyond those imagined…

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