You say you want a revolution? From East to West GMO times are a changin…..

You say you want a revolution? From East to West GMO times they are a changin…..

Food RevolutionThere are signs that the rights of consumers to know what is in their food may be coming to a revolutionary climax. With Vermont ushering in the first unencumbered GMO state labeling law, the skirmish has broadened its fronts from the halls of Washington DC to the fields of Iowa and homes in Oregon. (more…)

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More than a Feeling …. Organic Food is more nutritious and safer!

More than a Feeling …. Organic Food is more nutritious and safer!

delicious organic produceHumans have practiced agriculture for thousands of years. The food that we produced over the millenniums allowed for the expansion of culture and societies, the flourishing of arts and science. For the past 10,000 years the food that sustained human development had been cultivated with organic methods. It was only recently that large chemical companies such as Monsanto and DuPont took an interest…

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The Fancy Food Track to Opportunity

Tunisian Olive GroveIn many areas of the world people are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities organic agriculture can bring. Producing food and textiles with organic methods affords people a safer way to farm in harmony with nature. Toxic pesticides and herbicides do not riddle their water nor threaten their children’s health. Studies have proven that agricultural workers and their families bear the…

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As my grandmother once said…Size does matter!

size mattersMy grandmother was a huge inspiration for me especially in the world of cooking. She dedicated herself to growing, canning, baking and preserving much of the delectable German fare that graced our table. She always allowed me to indulge in culinary sport, creating my own concoctions such as rose and grape cookies or honey-barley moon cakes. My creativity ran amok as I freely mixed ingredients…

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Gifts from my Grandmother: Eight paths to happiness through Food, Family and Farming

Grandmas SauerkrautMy grandmother’s name was Emma. She was born in 1896 in rural Iowa before there was electricity or indoor plumbing. Her nature was kind and content; her spirit was resourceful. I was lucky enough to have had this woman from another century as one of my primary caregivers and mentors. She offered me an abundance of knowledge on food, family and farming and showed me how the three interlink to…

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Want to avoid exposure to GMOs? Buy Organic!

Want to avoid exposure to GMOs? Embrace Organic as the Gold Standard

Grocery cart full of organic produceWalk down the food aisles and you will notice a new label multiplying on the shelves. Non-GMO labels are one of the fastest growing label phenomena in the grocery aisle today. Recent polls indicate that 92% of consumers want to know what is in their food when it comes to Genetically Modified Ingredients. That’s exactly why these labels are growing in popularity and recognition. They represent one…

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2014 An Organic Odyssey Only Just Begun

2014 An Organic Odyssey

The Organic JourneyIt’s hard to believe, but we are already flying past the middle of 2014. For organic, it hasn’t been an aimless trajectory. It’s been an auspicious year so far for organic agriculture and organic products, with several wins in the Farm Bill and from the USDA. The Organic Associations’ 2014 Industry Survey showed that organic grew to an astounding $35.1 Billion and future growth is likely to keep…

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What is our narrative?

The world in our handsI am attending the Sustainable Ag and Food Systems Funders (SASFS)conference in Denver this week and a provocative subject was raised about the dominant story we hearken to regarding our agricultural system. The message is everywhere: in subway stations, at the baseball game and of course on television. “How do we feed the world? We feed the world only through more technology, greater…

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The evolutionary party never ends; what part do we play?

EvolutionI have the good fortune to spend some of my work week researching and reviewing news and information as it relates to organic food and agriculture. Because my job is to communicate findings, I am often called upon to speak to groups equally as interested but not afforded the time to invest in such extracurricular investigations. I have become the tribal bookworm and the town crier, pretty…

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Two races on a collision course

Two racesWhile Oregon,Colorado and several other states are racing to put GMO labeling initiatives on their state ballots, a very different sprint is occurring at the USDA. The two competitive dashes appear to be heading in opposite directions and could end up cycling back in a grand collision of values and money. One team seeks to bring as many new bio-engineered products to the farm and dining table as…

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