What’s News at summer’s End? GMOs

What’s News at summer’s End? GMOs



From sea to sea and the over the Rockies, the news is abuzz with GMO activity. Biotech companies are on the run spending millions. They are planning their next campaign to try to stifle the intensely passionate Right to Know GMO movement. Despite their deep pockets, the reports in the media show there is positive momentum growing around the country. It’s not…

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Veterans in Agriculture: Why Their Healing is So Crucial for Our Future.

Veterans in Agriculture: Why Their Healing is So Crucial for Our Future.


Matt McCue

A veteran returns home war weary, sometimes shattered and frayed. Protecting our interests in foreign lands requires focus and tenacity with a different set of rules.  Re-entering civilian life can be difficult because the same rules just don’t apply. A great shift must be facilitated in order to bring the veteran to a place of peace and a meaningful return to life without combat. So…

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Summertime and the Living is Easy…. It’s Gazpacho Time!

Summertime and the Living is Easy…. It’s Gazpacho Time!

Organic Gazpacho1Summertime…the cucumbers are growing and ripe tomatoes are high.

Your kitchen’s hot and your Cuisinart is hungry,

so hush ‘what’s for dinner?’.

Gazpacho―it’s your summer ally!

I am lucky to live just around the corner from an amazing organic farm in the Soquel Hills that cultivates an auspicious variety of summer fruits and vegetables. The farm is nestled in the rich, loamy valley of the Soquel…

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Ruminations on Seeds and Weeds…

Ruminations on Seeds and Weeds…

Indigenous SeedsDown on the farm there is simultaneously an explosion of weeds and a retraction of seeds, a waxing and a waning, the yin and yang of Big Ag. These concurrent phenomena are (not coincidentally) caused by the same companies who are striving to control and harness agriculture. They hope to force every last bushel of productivity out of every single acre, achieving yields well beyond those imagined…

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California, the House of the Rising: Drought impact deepens

California, the House of the Rising: Drought impact deepens

There is state in the west you can call the house of the rising sun. It has been a garden for many a transplant, and gosh I know I’m one.

Rising SunI moved here in the early 80s and went straight to work in organic agriculture. I loved that it typically rained here only six months of the year. During those six months the state received three or four good soaking storms from the Pacific that filled the…

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You say you want a revolution? From East to West GMO times are a changin…..

You say you want a revolution? From East to West GMO times they are a changin…..

Food RevolutionThere are signs that the rights of consumers to know what is in their food may be coming to a revolutionary climax. With Vermont ushering in the first unencumbered GMO state labeling law, the skirmish has broadened its fronts from the halls of Washington DC to the fields of Iowa and homes in Oregon. (more…)

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More than a Feeling …. Organic Food is more nutritious and safer!

More than a Feeling …. Organic Food is more nutritious and safer!

delicious organic produceHumans have practiced agriculture for thousands of years. The food that we produced over the millenniums allowed for the expansion of culture and societies, the flourishing of arts and science. For the past 10,000 years the food that sustained human development had been cultivated with organic methods. It was only recently that large chemical companies such as Monsanto and DuPont took an interest…

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The Fancy Food Track to Opportunity

Tunisian Olive GroveIn many areas of the world people are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities organic agriculture can bring. Producing food and textiles with organic methods affords people a safer way to farm in harmony with nature. Toxic pesticides and herbicides do not riddle their water nor threaten their children’s health. Studies have proven that agricultural workers and their families bear the…

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As my grandmother once said…Size does matter!

size mattersMy grandmother was a huge inspiration for me especially in the world of cooking. She dedicated herself to growing, canning, baking and preserving much of the delectable German fare that graced our table. She always allowed me to indulge in culinary sport, creating my own concoctions such as rose and grape cookies or honey-barley moon cakes. My creativity ran amok as I freely mixed ingredients…

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